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Is it saturday morning and you need something to play? Try Metanet Hunter! Created by a composer and a programmer, this retro experience will keep you entertained for all your classic gaming needs!


You have been sent on an adventure to find and destroy the Chaos Core's power! In order to do so, you must locate a Chaos Orb, hidden at the end of every stage. This will be no easy quest, as the bad guys don't want you to break them! Once you locate the Shadow Realm, you must find the third Apex, and destroy the last two Chaos Orbs! Think you can do that?


  • 35 main levels to try out, with tons of bonus ones, totaling to 80!
  • Various game modes to enhance your experience!
  • A retro soundtrack with several tracks that you'll jam out to!
  • Cross platform! Play it on any of your favorite computers!
  • A secret code that'll have mysterious effects!
  • Much more!


Just get the game from this site, unpack the archived file, take a look at the included documents, and start playing! It's simpler than tying your shoes!

WARNING: I forgot one thing. If you're not running Windows, you'll need LOVE.

However, LOVE 0.9.0 came out recently, so you'll need 0.8.0 to play the update. Sorry folks!

Get 0.8.0 from here!

What next

So, what are you waiting for? With a light download size, you'll be breaking those Chaos Orbs in no time!

Check us out on nekuzen.net!

Install instructions

Thanks for downloading Metanet Hunter! You won't regret it!

If you're downloading the Windows copy, just run the .exe file and you're off! If you're getting the global copy, you'll need a copy of LÖVE!

Get some LÖVE here!


Metanet Hunter Soundtrack.zip 8 MB
Metanet Hunter 1.1 (All).zip 8 MB
Metanet Hunter 1.1 (Windows).zip 10 MB