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It's finally here! The second entry in the Metanet Hunter series is live and kicking. This time, it's sure to rock your world. And you know that's worth saying radical.

What is it?

Why, it's Metanet Hunter: REMIX! Brought to you by the same guys who made you Metanet Hunter, and a new bodacious artist. This time, we're bringing retro action to an entirely different level.


  • 8 brand-spanking new worlds! They're all wildly different and totally cool.
  • Radical new art! The artist really took his time to make this game groovy.
  • An even better remixed soundtrack! Made by the same guy who brought you Metanet Hunter's soundtrack, and it's even better this time. Filled with diverse themes and some high-energy head-banging goodness.
  • Upgrades, upgrades, upgrades! There's two shiny new armor upgrades for you to obliterate those orbs! Think you can get 'em?
  • Extreme challenge! It's much tougher to beat this game up than Metanet Hunter, and it'll have you on your knees beggin' for mercy. But don't worry, we kept it fair. We also kept it totally rad.
  • Cross-platform support! You can play Metanet Hunter: REMIX on any computer you'd like! OSX? Linux? No problem!
  • DRM-free! We're not into that either.
  • Much more!


It's been five years since Kinzo destroyed the Chaos Core! After being discovered by Dr. Kegan, Kinzo got some serious upgrades! Now equipped with arms and legs, the ability to launch out electrical bolts called Taiden, and the ability to upgrade himself via USB drives!

This time, Team Izuka has managed to reboot the Metanet Terminal, using some cloned Chaos Orbs! It's up to you to travel the eight worlds in order to obliterate those orbs, and terminate the Terminal!

Fan feedback

  • "I think you guys are doing something really great here. It has a retro style that feels retro." -Rockford
  • "What to expect when you purchase Metanet Hunter is a challenging 2D side scrolling (with parallax scrolling backgrounds- a rarity all too often even today) and plenty of platforming action that should hearken any retro gamer back to their childhood." -Retro Gaming Magazine
  • "Featuring 8 worlds, new artwork, newly remixed soundtrack, lots of upgrades and strange baddies to fight this is a platformer that just all out fun." -Indie Retro News

What are you waiting for?

What next, eh? Maybe give the game a purchase and a whirl! You'll be helping some pretty groovy indie developers out quite a bit by doing so. A hot dog in New York costs more than this game! And this game's better than a hot dog. It's that good.

Current Version: 1.0.5

  • Jump cancel! Press Down while underwater or in space!
  • Various UI improvements!


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