It's been EIGHT YEARS since the original Metanet Hunter was released in 2013. Even Metanet Hunter: REMIX was released back in 2014. That's absolutely insane.

I will say thank you again to the fans: We hit OVER ONE THOUSAND PERCENT of the $5.00 sales goal. I would love to hear your thoughts about the project, and potentially any ideas for the future moving forward.

My personal life has been a fair bit on the hectic side lately, but we really do have something in the works that's going to be an absolute treat. We're shifting away from the last game engine in interest of trying something different, and you're going to see some more viable accessibility, engagement, and overall value.

Stay tuned for the next instalment. Appreciate ya, I really do.

-NightKawata, WE ARE RODEONET 

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Happy Birthday to the lövely Metanet Hunter! :)