It's been almost two years since the release of the original Metanet Hunter G4. That's pretty exciting on its own. On the WE ARE RODEONET side of things, I have been heavily at work studying music so we can have a whoppin' soundtrack for the next game. I am hoping that in August, you'll be able to enjoy the fruit of that labor!!

In the meantime, anybody who's been playing Metanet Hunter G4 is about to enjoy it even more! Let's give a shout-out to dfkjaoe for giving me the inspiration to go ahead and tweak the game to newer heights. I would also like to thank all of you who have purchased the game, it is amazing to me the number of you guys n' gals that have showed your support throughout the years. For me, this game has aged fairly well, and the new 1.1 update adds even more flow to what was already established. That being said...

What's different?

  • I've added coyote time to Kinzo's platforming! Now you have a small bit of wiggle room if Kinzo falls off a platform to still jump. This will enable you to save yourself, or pull off some even faster risk-and-reward platforming! This solves one of my biggest grievances with this game, and I believe you may feel the same way.
  • Kinzo now moves a little bit faster in general! I've tweaked the running and sprinting speeds to be a bit more satisfying, so hopefully that will illuminate brilliantly during gameplay. For me, I never really liked that you can't really tell when Kinzo reaches the full sprinting speed, so I've touched that up.
    • His default Taiden attack also gains an increase in speed as well, as I found that attack a little too slow overall, knowing what I know now.
  • Subweapons have been rebalanced a bit! They all cost a bit less NRG to use now, so you should be more inclined to utilize them. I've also enhanced their power for most of them, allowing you to really discover just how strong our Metanet Hunter truly is.
  • I've tweaked the "goodie drops" to be a little more forgiving. If you're below maximum health or NRG, you now get an increased chance to get the item drop you need. Metanet Hunter CD actually did this as well, but it was removed in G4 for unknown reasons. I've brought it back.
    • For example, if you've got 6/16 NRG, you now have about a 25% chance to guarantee an NRG refill from defeating an enemy. This will keep you able to utilize the newly enhanced subweapons!
    • I have indeed tweaked the boss health a bit for each of them. They do see a bit of an increase in their health pool, but with the new subweapons and solid play, you shouldn't have any major grievance there. I found the 3rd boss onwards to be a bit too frail if you've been grabbing the upgrades, so this should balance things out a bit. Don't forget the tools at your disposal.
      • They really don't see a major increase in health during Classic Mode. It's when you get to Chaos Mode and Hero Mode that they do gain a bit of a buff in their total life force. This is to balance the fact you can regenerate your NRG when playing the game's Chaos Mode.

These new changes should now further enhance your gameplay experience! I am hoping you will enjoy them as much as I have so far.

Cool Tips and Tricks

  • If you've unlocked the "DASH" Jetpack Mode, you can actually keep the dash going! Remember that you can hold the "UP" button to dash a bit upwards, and if you time it right, you can pretty much fly!
  • Try using the password "HEROMODE" on the Password Screen for an increased challenge!
  • Try using the password "SPEEDRUN" if you've got a need for speed. That'll start you off with the "DASH" mode already unlocked. Trust me, it's tons of fun.
  • If you use the password "QIGMODE," you can start the game with the NRG regeneration normally reserved for Chaos Mode!
  • There are several other passcodes available that I will leave for you to discover.
  • Want more Game Palettes? Get the higher ranks in Time Attack! With the tweaks seen to the gameplay, you may find getting the S and S+ ranks are much easier than before. I will have to up my game and release a new update with some even more difficult times. Alternatively, maybe we can post our personal bests in the game discussion! I would love to see that.

What's Next?

Well, that is a good question. I may decide to write my own soundtrack for this game, and have a whole "US and Japanese" soundtrack for Metanet Hunter G4. I cannot guarantee my music will be as amazing as the tracks watson pumps out, but I have certainly been trying to acquire my own style as the years have transpired. 

The next big thing will be the release of the anniversary Metanet Hunter! That's what we should look forward to the most!!! If you liked what you got in this game, I am positive you're going to have even more to love with the introduction of the next one. I am taking what has worked in the past, and turning it into the definitive, ultimate Orb-obliterating experience. 

Thank you so much, once again. It means a lot to me.

-NightKawata, WE ARE RODEONET Head Honcho


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Apr 28, 2022
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Apr 28, 2022

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