Version 1.2 is Coming Soon!

You heard right, New Update's Comin' Soon.

Recently, I've been working on the new METANET HUNTER, right? But, we can't forget about the classics. To try and keep myself motivated during development, sometimes I will re-evaluate past products. Consequently, I have given Metanet Hunter G4 some major improvements to the overall game quality. Here are some new features you can expect:

  • The game physics have been pro-tuned, if you will. Everything is tighter, and should feel better to platform about with. You've got some extra precision at your fingertips, and I do think you'll enjoy navigating stages just a wee bit more.
    • I did want to tackle some improvements to level design, but the game's map editor (Tiled) is no longer compatible with the original engine. That would be a slight project, as I'd have to implement a new map system, use LDtk, or write a custom level editor. I have tentative plans to do that with the new game, which may be better suited for that title instead if we get around to it.
    • Potential concern aside, the game's physics tuning works well with what we have! Boss fights get more fun thanks to the better movement available.
  • The player, Kinzo, now has the ability to perform critical damage to certain enemies with the correct timing. This allows you to essentially devastate weaker targets if you're up for it.
  • Enemy projectile speeds have been balanced a bit more, and some boss health has been adjusted again to create a new, more "immersive" play session.
    • This does turn Chaos Mode into a true test of determination. Remember when I dared you to try it out? It's tough, man! It's almost like playing the lost levels in its own way. (Personally, I think it's exciting! We should explore some of this with the new title.)
  • I have finally added a self-composed soundtrack! While some may/will prefer watson's songs (, it is a slight personal achievement that I was able to whip up some game tunes for this project. The next game plans on using a self-made soundtrack as well, and in a way, Metanet Hunter G4 was a nice test-bed for learning music theory and the like. Give it a listen, perhaps!
    • Maybe for the next game, we'll theoretically get a NIGHT KAWATA x SDAce collab!

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