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It's been EIGHT YEARS since the original Metanet Hunter was released in 2013. Even Metanet Hunter: REMIX was released back in 2014. That's absolutely insane. I...
Sales goal GREATLY Surpassed!!
Ladies and gentlemen, we have hit THREE TIMES our sales goal here! That's WAY more than I was expecting. We would have been grateful to just hit the five dollar...
It's possible. I might have something cooking up for you hardcore fans out there. I advise you to stay tuned, since I have some big plans for 2021. It's been a...
August 4th: Anniversary Day!
Today marks the seventh year anniversary of the original Metanet Hunter! That's some insanity. So! Now's as good a day as any to talk about the future of Metane...
Metanet Hunter G4 is HERE!!
It's here! After constant development and refinement, we've absolutely done it. Metanet Hunter G4 is now available for your consumption! Give the game a purchas...
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Metanet Hunter G4: Coming SOON
Metanet Hunter G4 is finished. We are preparing the game for launch as we speak. Of course, we'd like all of the support we can get. I thank everybody involve...
G4: Sunday Funday 10/20/2019
Here's some new G4 content for all you folk that're reading this up. The nice thing about these devlogs is that you'll be able to learn some tricks and tips, to...

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